Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wikileaks UFO Analyzed: What Is It? (Video)

A UFO video released by Wikileaks has been analyzed and enhanced, revealing never before seen details. It still doesn't really answer the question: What is it?

The video is reviewed by the prolific paranormal researcher AmericanBunker who has many YouTube videos analyzing supposedly supernatural events. While she doesn't draw any definite conclusions about what's on this Wikileaks release, her powerful video analyzing tools open some definite possibilities.

The original, unenhanced video opens the segment showing what looks like a "mothership" type craft blossoming out to release several smaller craft into the night sky over a populous, unidentified city. A towering crane is nearby, shrouded in darkness, but silhouetted by the dimly lit horizon.

As she heightens the contrast between the objects, it seems to show that this film clip is actually two separate videos cleverly pieced together. It certainly explains a lot.

AmericanBunker never actually draws a conclusion, seeming to believe the video enhancements reinforce the opinion this is a real UFO. If not, then what is it? Here's the video: