Monday, 10 September 2012

Ufo News Links For Monday 10th September 2012

UFO researcher hunts down pieces of the puzzle - StarPhoenix

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Chile: A Flying Humanoid over Santiago

Beam me up, UC – WA today

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Quadrocopters - The Coming Wave Of UFO Reports?

Jozi UFO sightings a stunt -

‘UFO’ lights up over Perth skies – Perth Now

UFOs - scientific research: National Archives - "Collection A-Z - now includes "UFOs"

Maine UFO conference focuses on extraterrestrials -

Teen UFO hunter may have evidence we are not alone – inmycommunity

The Haunted Skies Project: HAUNTED SKIES UPDATE: 4th September 2012

Shirley MacLaine Regaled 'Downton Abbey' Cast With Tales Of UFO En...

British government to decide by next month whether to extradite hacker wanted by US – Washington Post

What would you do if you saw a UFO? - io9

Academy to celebrate 30th anniversary of Spielberg`s `ET` – Zee News

UFO VIDEO in London – DEBUNKED by Expert – Power Plant UFO Hoax – ...

SETI’s First Artist-in-Residence Transports Viewers to Alien Worlds – Wired

UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - A Few Minutes With Andy Colvin

Suspect in break-ins says he feared space aliens – Attleboro Sun Chronicle

Mysterious UFOs Continue To Confuse South Carolina Residents

DNA Sequencing And Predictions Of The Cosmic Theory Of Life

Series of strange lights over White Rock ‘too weird’ – Surrey Now

Histories, Mysteries, and Strangeness: Do we know how to look for extra-terrestrial life?

Alien invasion not under way – Citizen

UFOs - scientific research: RAAF jets on alert for "flying saucers"

‘Tatooine’ Planet: Discovery Of Kepler-47c Called Good News For Alien Hunters – Huffington Post

North a UFO hot spot | Northland News | Local News in Northland

Do You Believe in UFOs? –

Vintage U.F.O.: Beckley Images 9/4/12 - Photos - Coast to Coast AM