Friday, 14 September 2012

Ufo News Links For Friday 14th September 2012

A Different Perspective: Project Aquarius, Steve Pierce and Other Questions

US Army missile test sparks UFO reports in Southwest – NBC News

The UFO Proletariat: The Braxton County Monster Returns?

Silver Screen Saucers: The best UFO movie of 2012: cast your vote!

5 talks you must catch at this weekend’s UFO convention – San Francisco Bay Guardian

Alien Abductions and UFO Encounters: A Psychic Explanation.

Silver Screen Saucers: UFO movie news round-up (13 Sept. 2012)

UFO festival to be held in Presidio – Alpine Avalanche


NASA: Wide range of alien planets may support life – CBS News

The Mothman Visits La Serena

UFOs - scientific research: Cold case investigation - Yerecoin WA - 15 Nov 1967

NASA Testing Heat Shields Made From Alien Soil – Huffington Post UK

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Utsuro Bune: A UFO in Name Only

Alien civilization on Easter Island speculated by Wild Pacific TV series – HULIQ

Silver Screen Saucers: UFO Disclosure: Why Hollywood Matters

Mutual UFO Network to visit White River library – Daily Journal

UFOS and losing (or gaining) religion

The truth is out there in school’s ‘alien invasion’ – Cambridge News

More Mysterious Anomalies of Mars

Space station or airport? Futuristic plans for ‘Boris Island’ unveiled – AOL Travel UK

Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys! | Mysterious Universe

Blue UFOs In England Identified By Leicestershire UFO Research Society

Curiosity begins search for life on Mars – RT

UFO panel a blast from the past | De Void