Friday, 21 September 2012

UFO Expert Gary Heseltine Boldly Goes Forward

By UFO Casebook
Gary Heseltine
UFO expert Gary Heseltine boldly goes forward to collect major award
AScunthorpe-born UFO expert's dedication to proving the truth is out there has landed him a second major award.
Gary Heseltine, who has devoted almost 35 years to investigating real life X-Files, has been given the Exopolitics Group Award for 2012.
Exopolitics is a rapidly expanding global network that seeks to shed light on the activities of extra-terrestrial life on Earth.
The award adds to the World Disclosure prize given to Mr Heseltine by the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2010 and increases his global profile as an expert in his field.
He said: "Bar a lifetime achievement award, the 2012 award is the highest award you can receive in the UK in Ufology.
"The Exopolitics group is a worldwide group of UFO activists who basically want governments around the world to acknowledge that UFOs, as in extra-terrestrials, are visiting the Earth now.
"It was a complete surprise to be given the award and I am honoured and delighted to receive it.
"It is always nice when your peers have recognised your work within the subject."
Mr Heseltine is a serving police officer, now based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.
He first became interested in UFOs 34 years ago, after witnessing a bright white light gliding across the sky in Ashby.
Wherever this light went, streets were plunged into darkness as power cuts hit Scunthorpe. Mr Heseltine and his girlfriend of the time believed this to be an extra-terrestrial phenomenon.
Since then, he has extensively researched extra-terrestrial activity, leading to the launch of a dedicated online database in 2001.
The Police Reporting UFO Sightings (PRUFOS) database includes details of 435 sightings of UFOs by retired and serving police officers across the country.
Mr Heseltine said: "My award is in recognition of my work with police officers reporting UFOs and my research into Britain's most famous case, the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980."
The incident refers to a series of sightings of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of crafts in an area of Suffolk. It happened close to two military bases which were both being used by the United States Air Force at the time.
Mr Heseltine has recently collaborated with Colonel Charles Halt, the deputy base commander in 1980, on a film script based on the incident.
He is also currently working on a book about the PRUFOS database. For more details on PRUFOS, visit