Friday, 24 August 2012

UFO Spotted over Avebury Crop Circle (Video)

A video on YouTube manages to capture two paranormal phenomena by filming a UFO zooming over the sky above a crop circle in Avebury, England.

The video was made in the clear light of daytime as a group of curiosity seekers explores a recent crop circle made in the area. The man filming the unidentified flying object video at first doesn't realize he's captured anything on camera.

But the posted video clearly shows a white orb flashing on and off at an irregular rate. Suddenly, it zooms away.

The object is definitely not an airplane and it's probably not a celestial body as it appears to be moving and suddenly disappears. The UFO sighting causes excitement in the group, proving that everyone there saw it as well.

It's interesting that these two strange occurrences happen together. Crop circles have never been fully explained and the people in this video seem to be true believers who got much more than they bargained for. Here's the video: