Friday, 24 August 2012

Triangle UFO Squadron 'Collides' in California Sky (Video)

A strange video posted to YouTube catches a UFO squadron in a triangular formation seemingly colliding into each other in the night skies over a California city. What is it?

The video was taken from a busy street in an unidentified town as strangers get together to marvel at what is taking place overhead. Naturally, some of them use some salty language. But that's to be expected when confronted with an unfamiliar sight.

Why city dwellers can't figure out what's hovering noiselessly in the sky is a major question. What's up there that they've never seen before?

What they're looking at are bright, steady lights which move back and forth among each other, some seeming to collide, as one passerby comments. They are obviously not helicopters or planes and if they were parachutes, it would be a very dangerous maneuver.

This UFO sighting is notable because of the reactions by the witnesses. Whatever it is hovering above, and which slowly winks out, is an unfamiliar sight. Presumably, people in a busy California town have seen all kinds of objects flying in the sky, day and night. So, what is it?