Friday, 20 July 2012

Ufo News Links For Friday 20th July 2012

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Thoughts on the Concordia Aerodrome MIB

UFOs Reported in Oklahoma -

Where Are The Extraterrestrials? The People Speak… – Science 2.0

Robert Barrow: Can Venusian Beauties Save the Earth?

The Challenges Facing Ben Stiller’s The Watch – Village Voice

Air Force Personnel and Project SERPO « Dad2059's Webzine of Science Fiction, Science Fact and Esoterica

Riding Along With the Mars Rover Drivers – Popular Science

Nick Redfern's World of Whatever...: The Breaking Cases app

Are we E.T.? – Sun-Sentinel

Paranormal Alaska: Investigator Takes Seriously UFO Reports, Bigfoot Sightings, Arctic Extra-Terrestrials | Alaska Dispatch

The Truth Is Still Out There – Wall Street Journal

Durham Police: There was a UFO Near Hamsterley Forest – Teesdale Mercury

Lava red alien planet found by NASA Spitzer Space Telescope – Herald Sun

The UFO Trail: Examining the Tainted Well of UFO Land

Declassified ‘UFO’ Documents Don’t Prove Alien Life –

RENO UFO Crash? July 2012 ~ Federation of Magic Pop and UFOs

UFO ‘Degree’ On Alien Life Forms Is Among Free Courses Offered By Edinburgh University – Huffington Post UK

Rod-like Object Caught on Video over Boston, Massachusetts

'Invisible' UFO Filmed from Plane (Video) | Gather

Investigating Alaska’s paranormal a serious business — with growth potential – Alaska Dispatch

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Today's MUFON Report Yields Potential Blockbuster Triangle UFO Sighting Reported By Policeman

UFOs are the star at research agency’s annual event – Ct Post

Military Claims Michigan UFOs Part of Training... | Gather

Everything’s coming up roses – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Mystery of the Men in Black: The UFO Silencers: Timothy Green Beckley: Kindle Store

Aliens With Lasers: SETI Bets On Nano-second Flashes From E.T. – Forbes

Weird Ancient Spiral Galaxy Discovered : Discovery News