Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Strange UFO Emerges from Clouds over Portsmouth England (Video)

By Tom Rose

An unusual UFO sighting, caught from a train near Portsmouth, England, is notable because of its uniqueness. The unidentified flying object, caught on an iPhone for just a few seconds, at first, looks like the Sun peeking out. But that's impossible, as the surrounding shadow falls reveal.

Whatever the bright light is blazing through a cloud bank, it caught the eye of the rail passenger pulling in to the Portsmouth station who filmed the short clip below.

While not the classic sighting in any sense, it's a striking example of the unusual objects in the sky at any given time which can now be caught by unsuspecting witnesses armed with a simple, high quality cell phone camera.

In this particular UFO sighting, a bright, multi-faceted light source is bursting through a cloud floating through an otherwise clear evening sky. It's clearly not the Sun because of its strange shape and edges. It looks more like a flare, but for what purpose?

Whatever this object is, it's one of the most striking, even beautiful, examples ever caught on film. Here's the video:

"Published on 19 Jun 2012 by
This is a video clip I took from the train , The video really does not do it justice,, It lasted for around 30 seconds then went,,"