Wednesday, 20 June 2012

'Catamaran' UFO Filmed over Russia (Video)

By Tom Rose

A weird, new kind of UFO, shaped like what can only be described as a catamaran boat hull, was filmed in the cloudy twilight skies over an unidentified city in Russia. What is it?

The video shows a cloudy sky over the city as a flashing light slowly makes its way over the rooftops. As the camera zooms in and the clouds fall away, the shape of the unidentified flying object is more clearly defined.

As the video rolls, the flashing lights appear to encircle the craft's hull, which, at one point, reveals oblong rails on either side. Hence the comparison to a catamaran, which is similarly shaped.

But, clearly, there are no jets, airplanes or helicopters which have that kind of shape and there is no evidence that the wingless, motorless UFO is spewing exhaust or showing the properties of those kinds of aircraft.

Because there is no audio at all on the video, it's impossible to tell if the aircraft is making any engine sounds. So, what is it? Here's the video: