Thursday, 14 June 2012

Silver Orb UFO Spotted in West Glacier, Montana (Video)

By Tom Rose

A UFO video on YouTube catches a streaking, silver orb zooming past the camera in a case of apparent accidental capture, something which has happened a lot recently, especially with this kind of sighting. What is it?

The thirty-second video, which seems to show two vehicles passing through a snow-covered pass in West Glacier, Montana, seems to be a snippet from a longer video showing the area, still covered by snow in mid-June.

As the camera pans over the snowy hills, a streaking, silvery white object zooms past the viewfinder. The video includes two more segments with zoom and enhancement. Neither helps to identify conclusively what this UFO is, except to show it doesn't look like a bird or a balloon.

The object doesn't appear to have any markings and shows no exhaust from engines. It looks spherical, without wings or lights. The video quality is very good, but the object moves so fast, it may have been distorted. Still, it doesn't look like any known aircraft. So, what is it? Here's the video: