Thursday, 14 June 2012

Did a patriotic UFO drop by for Jubilee?

LITTLE green men may have visited North Devon last weekend to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
So says a retired Lieutenant-Colonel who claims to have seen a UFO in the skies over Witheridge on Bank Holiday Monday.
Former Royal Engineer Lieutenant-Colonel John White posted on a UFO website after his wife Jean spotted an object in the sky on June 4.
Lieutenant-Colonel White, who used to be chairman of East Anstey Parish Council, said: "My wife spotted a red light in the sky at about 11pm.
"At first we thought it was Mars or another planet but because of the cloud cover it couldn't have been. there wasn't a star showing."
Once his attention had been drawn by his wife the red light started to move across the sky.
"It was moving horizontally and then seemed to fade out, as if it was disappearing into the horizon," he said.
Just seconds later another red light appeared and followed the same path as the first.
The same thing happened another two times.
Lieutenant-Colonel White said the incident, which lasted about five minutes, was seen by neighbours.
He said: "My wife goes to art classes and mentioned it on Wednesday evening. Another member of the class said they had seen the same thing and you would have to imagine there are more people who saw it."
Lieutenant-Colonel White said it was definitely not Jubilee fireworks.
He said: "We may be getting on a bit now, but we definitely weren't hallucinating. There's no way it was fireworks."
A Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said they had no way of telling what had been in the sky around Witheridge at that time.
He said: "Light aircraft and helicopters don't necessarily have to talk to air traffic control so there's no record of what was in the air then."
The Ministry of Defence said they had received no reports of UFOs in the area.