Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Strange Objects Float From Sky Near Guadalajara Mexico (Video)


[Photo-Image: Mystery objects fall from the sky near Guadalajara, Mexico, "2012"]
What the heck? Our question while viewing a ‘UFO-OVNI’ video recently uploaded on Youtube. The video, strange objects floating from the sky, filmed near Guadalajara Mexico sometime in 2012. Guadalajara, a hotspot for UFO videos.

There are birds, in the foreground. It’s what’s falling or floating from the sky on the ridge line that caught our interest.

Strange UFO Fleet over Guadalajara, Mexico 2012 Video

Another bizarre objects in the sky in Guadalajara video:

Mega Flotilla de OVNIS en Guadalajara, Jalisco. 23 de Octubre 2011 Video