Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Disc-Shaped UFO Scares Tijuana Residents (Video)

A mysterious UFO sighting last Friday had some Tijuanans wondering if their city was being visited by extraterrestrials. The event was captured on a two-minute, 43-second video and uploaded to YouTube.

The disc-shaped object was sighted at night hovering above a mountain range for several minutes. This video could very well be a fake, but it's still compelling footage. You be the judge.
The strange disc-shaped vehicle is motionless throughout the video, and you can clearly see pulsating lights on the top and bottom of the craft. The camera operator seems very alarmed by what he is viewing, and utters expletives in English several times.
Tijuana is only 20 minutes from San Diego, home to the largest fleet of warships in the world, so people should be concerned any time there is UFO activity in this region. San Diego also hosts Marine and Coast Guard bases, as well as many defense contractors.
Despite the shakiness, the picture resolution is fairly good, and he zooms to give the viewer a better look at the UFO.