Monday, 23 April 2012

Three Disk Shaped UFOs Witnessed by a Thousand Chinese Villagers


[Photo-Image: April 13, 2012, UFO photographed over China's Meng Qiaochuan Reservoir, Source: Changjiang Daily News]
A ‘thousand villagers’ near the China city of Laohekou in the Hubei Province witnessed three ‘disk-like things’ in the sky on April 13, 2012, according to a report from China’s Changjiang Daily News. The April 13, 2012, UFO-OVNI sighting similar to an April 2007 sighting that involved a police chase.
On October 11, 2011, a photo of UFO ‘flying disk’ allegedly filmed in the Hubei Province was uploaded on Youtube. The size of the alleged UFO, 40 meters wide.
(Google translation)
WASHINGTON (special correspondent Li words) the day before yesterday, Xiangyang the Laohekou over the villagers to reflect the evening of April 13, found Meng Qiaochuan reservoir over unknown objects in flight, attracted more than a thousand local villagers to watch. Yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the incident, the villagers are still discussing the matter.
More than a thousand villagers see “curious”
“Husband, you fast air point of view, it is valid?” 8:00 pm April 13, three groups of villagers Lianying in the Laohekou Yuan Chong Township Meng Qiaocun yard inadvertently overturned point of view one appeared in the sky The scene she was shocked, hurriedly shouted to her husband Wang watched.
Partial northwest of the village, saw a disc-like things, the other two “small disk” around the rotation. “Wang said, until 11 o’clock that night, the three unidentified object gradually disappear. Yang, director of music of the village have also seen this “spectacle”. He said the three round strong flier brightness, Meng Qiaochuan reservoir over doing irregular movement, four groups in the village more than a thousand villagers have seen.
Laohekou (Chinese: pinyin: L?oh├ęk?u; literally “old river mouth”) is a county-level city in northwestern Hubei province, People’s Republic of China. It is located on the Han River (Hanshui), near the Henan border.
The entire county-level city has an area of 1,032 square kilometres (398 sq mi) and a population of 490,000 (2002). It falls under the jurisdiction of Xiangyang City. The area includes the city of Laohekou proper, which has an area of 27 square kilometres (10 sq mi).
In April of 2007 the police pursued two luminous balls of light that ‘jumped up and down’. Using digital cameras the police discovered they were unable to record the objects with their cameras.
Mysterious UFO in Hubei Video