Tuesday, 17 April 2012

St. Petersburg Mystery Lights Russian Military Alien False Flag Event? – Video


[Photo-Image: April 9, 2012, St. Petersburg Russia 'Mystery Lights']

“St. Petersburg is considered that the military shot down a UFO and hide it.”
Russia Earth Chronicle report (Google translation) on the April 9, 2012, St. Petersburg mystery lights

Were the April 9, 2012, St. Petersburg Russia mystery lights a Russian military false flag UFO event?
Mexico’s premiere Ufologist Jaimie Maussan believes St. Petersburg was visited by a ‘mothership’. The following video a report from Tercer Milenio.

If we were conspiracy theorists we’d wonder if what occurred on April 9, 2012, in the skies near St. Petersburg Russia was a UFO (OVNI) false flag event perpetrated by the Russian military; another step towards a New World Order. A ‘mystery lights’ event St. Petersburg residents believe was similar to the 1947 Roswell UFO event; a UFO Russians believe was shot down by the United States military.

Russia Earth Chronicles website:
“Explanations of the representatives of the Western Military District, and solve the mystery of UFOs in the skies over St. Petersburg (they say it was a military target), does not satisfy the citizens. Some believe that the doctrine for the pilots – a failed attempt to conceal the appearance of newcomers.
In St. Petersburg, still rumors about unidentified flying objects that appeared on April 9 in the skies over St. Petersburg. The military explained that the camera lenses of numerous witnesses, the so-called light bomb – a target used for night training military pilots. Air target – it is a thin-walled metal casing, inside which are placed seven torches, each of which consists of illuminating pyrotechnic composition.
It would seem that this story could have ended, but the Internet has inflamed heated debate took place with respect to the anomaly. Video recordings of the “plates” are subjected to scrutiny. Many citizens seriously believe that far from the capital city of North American history could repeat itself. Ufologists believe that in the State of New Mexico in 1950, among the mountains crashed UFO supposedly shot down by military fighter jets the United States. The aliens are still studying in a secret U.S. lab.”
The writer of the Earth Chronicles post was off by 3 years but we got the gist of the Google translation.

Video of the April 9, 2012, St. Petersburg ‘Mystery Lights’,

Video Info (Google translation):
04/10/2012 UFO in the civilian world. St. Petersburg. It seemed to me that it’s a UFO and not Chinese lanterns. Because the object approached glowing balls and they came together into a coherent whole. Watched for 20 minutes, then he has disappeared. What is this?
On April 9, 2012, St. Petersburg residents witnessed mystery lights that hovered for up to 20 minutes over the area of Ladoga Lake. The Russian government quickly responded the lights were ‘Tribute’ air targets used during the ‘Ladoga 2012′ military exercises in the Ladoga Lake area which meant the military would have been shooting at the Tribute air targets in close proximity to St. Petersburg. In a Google translated comment at Earth Chronicles the observation:
standard target is a CD of MRC and their derivatives. short-launched cruise missiles. they can start with pulnut earthly home but often dropped from Tu-nis – bombers .. But NEVER! launches are not produced within a radius of reach inhabited areas. For violation of the GSS (security system testing and firing) immediately fall under the Tribunal with a complete removal from the post .. so, someone apparently hastened otmazatsya. But when you consider that there are different press secretaries and the closure of public relations – it is the usual non-political officer for the most part no grammulki technical education then what are you so miserable gang up on them? make their own conclusions from infy,, filter data, pull out the right and do not pay attention to the explicit “mistakes.” let them think that we believe them ..
Over here in the United States we wondered if the St. Petersburg mystery lights event has parallels to the 1997 Phoenix Lights event? Mystery lights that hovered in the skies above Phoenix for several nights witnessed by thousands of residents. Along with the mystery lights residents witnessed a massive, silent V-shaped craft with a shiny black exterior belly that ‘rippled’ as it glided over Phoenix.

The extraordinary sightings occurred in mid-March, 1997. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson reported no military maneuvers took place at the Barry M. Goldwater Range to the west of Phoenix, the direction of the Phoenix Lights. Two months later the claim from the military, the lights were flares dropped during nighttime exercises by the National Guard at the Barry M. Goldwater Range.

Were the residents of Phoenix, UFO false flag event guinea pigs whose reactions were observed for two months until the military doled out the National Guard was dropping flares explanation? Thousands of human guinea pigs who resided in a major metropolitan area?

Ten years after the 1997 Phoenix Lights event former Arizona Governor Fife Symington, a pilot and a former Air Force Officer, claimed he witnessed a massive delta-shaped, craft navigate over Squaw Peak as Symington turned to look at the Phoenix Lights hovering west of Phoenix. Symington’s admission, astonishing, given the stunt Symington pulled in 1997 during a press conference on the mystery lights and UFO: the appearance of an aide dressed as an alien from outer space.