Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fireproof UFO Spotted Near the Sun (Video)

A gigantic UFO, seemingly impervious to the blazing heat of the Sun, was spotted on a NASA image of solar flare activity. What is it?

The unidentified flying object, when magnified, appears to be solid and circular. But what could withstand the Sun's heat so close to the solar surface?

It's difficult to gauge the actual dimensions of the object, but it must be bigger than the Earth. A trail of vapor appears to be coming off its leeward edge. But the object itself is whitish in color.

From the angle this photo was taken, it seems the object is flying toward the Sun. How can that be possible?

Recent news stories have claimed that UFO activity has been detected near the sun, with one video report going so far as to claim an alien mothership was siphoning energy from the star before detaching a tether and flying away. Can this be related? Here's the video: