Monday, 2 April 2012

Incredible UFO Sighting over Las Vegas Strip (Video)

An incredible UFO sighting video was posted on YouTube showing another example of a triangular group of white lights dancing around each other in the night sky. What is it?

The seven-minute video, posted by a reveller along the famed boulevard, trains the lens on a sight in the sky that others don't seem to notice. As more and more white lights pile on, they group together in the inky blackness, folding over each other in an endless cascade.

At one point, two distinct groups of unidentified flying objects seem to face off against each other in a ballet intended to one up the action. Or that's the way it looks. It's quite a show.

As the mesmerizing sight plays out, the videographer is amazed that he seems to be the only person noticing the unique light show.

Unfortunately, the YouTuber is so shocked at what he's witnessing, he uses a lot of profanity. So be prepared to hear some blue language. Or mute the volume. Either way, it's an unusually amazing UFO video, with no explanation.


Here's the video: