Wednesday, 18 April 2012

UFO's & Spectrographic Analysis

By Mac

Years ago whilst field investigating for the British U.F.O. Research Association I had the following idea:

If astronomers can tell the atomic elements present within a star or planet with spectrographic analysis of the light wavelengths; why couldn't a large group of better funded ufologists do the same with U.F.O.

If a spectrograph was set up in an active flap area ufologists may get some ideas about composition and power.  I do not know what sizes these devices come in or how portable they are. I also don't have the resources or contacts to persue this avenue of investigation.

If any of you have some close University pals maybe you could investigate the idea further?  Anyway the idea is now out there, maybe one of you will be able to run with it.

Kind regards to you all.