Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Area 51 UFO Pilot Training Film Uncovered? (Video)

A video on YouTube has surfaced claiming to be evidence of aliens giving UFO pilot training to Area 51 personnel in 1964. Can it be real?

The video, posted by YouTuber SeeCaTV, includes a description claiming this footage is part of a longer segment blowing the lid off the story of aliens crash landing at the secret site and revealing their advanced technology to scientists of the time.

The one-minute video is supposedly catching the action as an alien pilot verbally instructs someone off-screen. The image is of poor quality, presumably an indicator of the imaging technology available in 1964. And the alien itself is of the classic "Grey" humanoid type.

The comments indicate this clip is just a portion of a longer, 25-minute film which reveals the scope of the alleged "reverse engineering" project aliens engaged in, possibly against their will, after their UFO crashed in the section of Nevada later to become infamously known as Area 51.

The video poster promises to publish a longer version of the video if and when it becomes available. And if the price is right.

Can this be real?  Stay tuned.  Here's the video: