Thursday, 12 September 2019

The US Navy Hides Data On UFO Sightings, Says US Congressman

Congressional interest in UFO reports has grown since the revelations of various media outlets in late 2017 that the Pentagon had investigated the sightings through a program established a decade earlier by former Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.
Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, a senior member of the Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism subcommittee, said the U.S. Navy is withholding information on UFO sightings after it officially requested more data on the meetings, writes POLITICO.
Walker asked Secretary Richard V. Spencer in July to describe what resources the Navy is devoting to investigating UFO sightings and whether officials have found “physical evidence” to corroborate the claims.
He also sought more information on whether foreign nations or private companies have developed innovative technologies that could explain the meetings.
In a brief response on July 31, Deputy Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, wrote that “the Department of the Navy takes these reports very seriously and continues to record sightings and thoroughly investigate the accounts,” according to a copy provided to POLITICIAN.
Modly’s letter to Walker also says that “the wide proliferation and availability of low-cost unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has increasingly made airspace conflict a problem for our airmen.” He added that the Navy “continues to devote resources to monitoring and investigating reports that could affect the safety of our crews.”
Walker, however, specifically requested Navy data on “UAPs”, not drones, citing reports of ships showing speed and maneuver characteristics beyond what is believed to be technologically possible.
Disappointed by the apparent lack of desire of the Navy to provide its committee with more data on what the Pentagon calls “unidentified air phenomena,” Walker expressed concern that the ship could pose a threat to the forces or territory of the U.S.
«While I am encouraged that the Undersecretary of the Navy confirmed that the meetings with the UAP are thoroughly investigated, there is frustration with the lack of answers to specific questions about the threat that a higher aircraft that can fly in the airspace of United States, ”Walker told POLITICO in a statement. declaration.
There has been evidence of a greater interest of Congress in the reports of unidentified aircraft following the revelations of POLITICO and other media at the end of 2017 that a Pentagon study on sightings had been led by a program established a decade ago. formerly by former senator Harry Reid. of snowfall
Reference was made to the sightings of pilots and other personnel assigned to the battle groups of the USS Nimitz and the USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2015 and 2016. The images revealed unknown airplanes that possess characteristics that apparently defy known aerodynamic properties. 
The Pentagon also funded a series of theoretical studies to try to explain how the aircraft could work, from “High resolution detection and tracking of vehicles at hypersonic speeds” to “Warp Drive, Dark Energy and Manipulation of Extra Dimensions”.
The U.S. Navy UU. He has insisted that he is taking the reports seriously, stating that some sightings could be explained by “unmanned aerial systems” or drones without a pilot.
In a recent interview, Walker said he believes Congress should be updated on the actions of the military since the Advanced Aerospace Identification Program established by Reid was officially closed in 2012.
“Is over? If it’s over, are we documenting something? Where do the resources come from? That is a fair question that voters and the American people would like to know, ”said Walker.