Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Trump hints of plans for the ‘Space Force’ ‘Disclosure’ advocates, meanwhile, wonder if the adminstration will acknowledge the ET factor

The White House is much attuned to the final frontier. Consider the new National Space Council, which counts Vice President Mike Pence as chairman and was introduced last year with a noble motto: “We will lead again, we will inspire again, we will hold the high ground again.”
Indeed, the esteemed group — which includes several Cabinet members, former astronauts, high-profile experts and industry heavyweights — has vowed to address national space enterprise, along with “civil space, commercial space, and national security space.”
But there’s more. President Trump hinted at what’s to come during a Rose Garden award ceremony with Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen, the superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, and the Army’s Black Knights football team, which won the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy.
“You will be part of the five proud branches of the United States Armed Forces — Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. And we’re actually thinking of a sixth, and that would be the Space Force,” Mr. Trump told the group. “Does that make sense? The Space Force, general. You probably haven’t even heard that. I’m just telling you now. This is perhaps because we’re getting very big in space, both militarily and for other reasons, and we are seriously thinking of the Space Force.”
Meanwhile, determined “disclosure” advocates continue to hope Mr. Trump and his administration will reveal — or “disclose” — what they know about extraterrestrial life, visits from unidentified flying objects or alien-based technology. It’s popular fare, and instant headline fodder. Declassified Defense Department footage of a Navy fighter jet encountering a UFO made international headlines in March; previous news accounts of UFO interest within the Clinton administration and revelations about a $22 million Pentagon project to investigate otherworldly crafts has also riveted both press and public.
Then there’s the movie. The Paradigm Research Group, founded by registered lobbyist and researcher Stephen Bassett, is currently crowdfunding in order to produce “Disclosure,” an “exopolitical documentary” meant to parse out the situation once and for all.