Sunday, 28 February 2016

No such thing as aliens? X-Files star David Duchovny says the truth ISN'T out there

DAVID Duchovny, best known for his leading role as FBI agent Fox Mulder, has revealed he does not believe in aliens.

David Duchovny has revealed he doesn't trust people to be able to keep aliens secret

The actor returns to the screen next week in a new series of the X-Files alongside Gillian Anderson, who will reprise her role as Agent Dana Scully M.D.

But it appears the extra terrestrial antics of the cult sci-fi show have not rubbed off on the 55-year-old.

He said: “I’ve never known anybody, not one person, to keep a secret.

The cult sci-fi hit has not managed to convince the 55-year-old about extra terrestrials

“You come home from work and you go: ‘Honey I’ve got to tell you something, but you’ve got to promise not to tell anybody.

“They’re here, I saw an alien today' and she’s like: ‘I won’t tell anybody’ and she is then straight on the phone with her mom.”

“I find it hard to believe that they’re keeping aliens from us because it’s pretty juicy.

It’s not the first time Duchovny suggested we will not be having any close encounters of a third kind any time soon.

When asked last year if researching UFOs for his role had made him believe in flying saucers, he said: “No and never."

He added: "I remember I used to try to answer my fan mail because there wasn't much of it, and they would bring it to me. There were stories that people would tell me about being abducted.

"They would just make me sad. I thought that these people had issues that they had to deal with."