Saturday, 27 February 2016

A pair of police officer brothers spot 'UFOs' hovering in the sky while on their way to work

A pair of police officer brothers claim to have spotted 'UFOs' hovering in the sky on their way to work.
PCSO Simon Ives, 42, said he was walking to a bus stop, in Collier Row, Essex, when he saw an alien spaceship.
Even more miraculously, minutes after Simon had finished rubbing his eyes in disbelief, his brother then got in touch to say he had spotted another UFO while driving down the M11.

PCSO Simon Ives took this picture of what he believes to be a UFO after spotting it in the sky above Essex

Simon said: 'I was on my way to work when I saw an object about the size of a football field with three bright orange lights hanging in the sky.
'It waited in a stationary position for about six to eight minutes before moving west over my head.
'It was absolutely incredible and I cannot explain what it was.
'There was another member of the public standing near me so I called him over and he shouted, 'Oh my god.'

'I can safely say it wasn't a plane because from tip to tail it was far too big.
'I am into astronomy and what I saw was very unusual.'
The father of one, who spotted the object at 5.18am last Friday, said: 'What was really weird was my brother sent me a text a few minutes later to say he'd seen the same object.'
Jonathan Ives, 35, a Metropolitan policeman, who lives in Romford with his wife Sarah, added: 'I told him, 'You've got to be joking me.'
'I know it wasn't a commercial object.

Mr Ives claimed the alleged UFO, pictured, was about the size of a football field with three bright orange lights

'It could have been a dark, military project or possibly something from outside this world.
'I am definitely open-minded to the idea of there being life outside our own planet.'
Simon, who has served in the Met for 15 years, said: 'This isn't the first time I've seen a UFO. In 2011 in Leytonstone I saw something similar that I can't explain.
'I also set up a paranormal group a few years ago to investigate ghost sightings in haunted houses.
'We didn't find any definitive evidence of ghosts but it was still quite frightening.'