Thursday, 20 November 2014

Party Celebrates UFO Sighting in Carbondale


CARBONDALE—Inside the Best Western Pioneer Plaza in Carbondale, there was an extra special, extra-terrestrial party and some dressed up for the occasion.

“This was an impulse, this was to keep the lore going and a little humor, ” said Buckie Hosie of Carbondale.

The celebration was for the 40th anniversary of a reported UFO sighting in Carbondale.

In 1974, there was a report of a glowing unidentified object falling into a pond in the area.

Newswatch 16 spoke with one man who said his friend was among those at the scene 40 years ago.

“I never saw anything, but we would sit there for hours looking for UFOs allegedly happening here or sighting there but he took place in this particular extravaganza and I came down here to see if his name was listed anywhere there. He stayed all night down there, I wasn’t with him. I went home, but he stayed,” explained Anthony Catanzaro.

Some at the party were silly about it all.

“How do I like Carbondale? I love the coal, I love the people. I love myself,” joked one man dressed like an alien.

Others said they believe the story.

“Something significant happened in Carbondale. Eighty percent of the population that were over the age of 55 and here in Carbondale at the time, 40 years ago, they’re not buying the official story,” said Ron Hannivig of Fell Township.

Whether they were believers or not, folks we found partying said it was a great community event.

“I think it’s a great event for the town just to bring the community together and enjoy some food and some fun and I think it’s about time Carbondale have a great reputation and I think this party’s gonna do it,” said Rebecca Landmesser of Hallstead.