Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hanger 10 Film Review & Trailer

By  Brandon Meyers

33 years after the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for Saxon gold in the same region, capture incredible footage of UFO's whilst filming their expedition. As night falls and with their navigation equipment failing, they find themselves facing a terrifying encounter with an unforgiving alien presence.

From what Iv'e heard the film is based on The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, I am not familiar with the piece of work but a quick Google search shows it to be a novel from the 1920's that was adapted to film in the late 40's. This found footage film is made of supposedly recovered footage from a stolen laptop, The story follows three friends and amateur treasure hunters as they grab their cameras and metal detectors and head out into Suffolk, England's Rendlesham Forest in search of gold. The movie is filmed on location and is the site of a pretty high profile case involving UFO sightings from the early 80's at a U.S. Air Force Base.

The film is directed by Daniel Simpson who also wrote the film along with Adam Preston. The Cast includes Abbie Salt (Sally), Robert Curtis, who plays Sally's boyfriend Gus and Danny Shayler who plays the role of Sally's ex-boyfriend Jake. I'm a little surprised Gus would want the ex tagging along on the trip but none the less he is there. Jake is also the one who is compelled to record everything on their adventure, he also has a pre-existing fascination with extraterrestrials.

The film plays out a bit like The Blair Witch Project near the beginning of the film, following the found footage cliche of three friends go into woods and quickly become lost. The film doesn't take long to start carving it's own path though, and it becomes very obvious, very fast that there is something going on in these woods, there's even a pretty cool sighting fairly early in the film. The film also handles aliens in a way I haven't really seen before, like when night falls in the woods they become full of strange lights and unearthly cries and shrieking, almost like there is some kind of creature or paranormal entity on the loose, it was actually pretty unnerving. I'm not going to give much away but once the group arrives at the old Air Force base and the namesake "Hangar 10" things get pretty crazy, and i mean crazy, and the film turns from creepy sci-fi to a straight horror show. After some pretty awesome and very unsettling brutality the film moves into the finale which was on a pretty grand scale and probably the most ambitious endings I've seen in the found footage genre. The special effects are pretty good in this film as well, they aren't used very much until closer to end but were really enjoyable. This movie should be fun and worth a watch for horror and sci-fi fans alike, found footage and UFO fans may have even found a new favorite.

Hangar 10 opened in theaters and VOD November 7th.