Sunday, 31 August 2014

UFO With Changing Colours Sighted By Lower Paxton Township Police In Pennsylvania

On Aug. 25, in Pennsylvania, Lower Paxton Township resident Stephanie Wilkerson noticed something in the sky that was moving and changing colors, reported ABC 27. While enjoying a glass of wine in the porch, Wilkerson sad that she saw something in the sky that she initially thought was an airplane, but then she noticed that it wasn't moving and it was changing colors. Wilkerson said she watched the object for about twenty minutes.
Soon, she called her husband and a neighbour to take a look. Her amazed neighbour then, according to Wilkerson, brought over his binoculars. At first, the neighbor thought it was a planet, but then changed his mind when the object's colour turned to yellow.
Wilkerson finally decided to notify the police. An officer responded to the call and, after seeing the stange object in the sky through a pair of binoculars, he was bewildered and rang his superiors. The officer's sergeant and corporal came by to take a look -- and both were reportedly astounded.
The Lower Paxton Township Police Department, then, contacted Fort Indiantown Gap and Harrisburg International Airport to see if they had any aircraft acitivy in the area but both responded in the negative.

When the neighbours were questioned by ABC 27 reporter Mark Hall, a few of them claimed to have seen it. One said that her husband had thought it was a helicopter and another neighbour said that they had a similar sighting on the night of Aug. 22.
An incident report was then written, with Lt. Gary Seefeldt of the Lower Paxton Township police saying, "Our officers saw something that was out of the ordinary for the night sky."
Wilkerson said that she wasn't a believer in UFO sightings until that night when she saw the strange object.
Pennsylvania has a UFO Alert Rating much higher than the average number of recent national reports, with an Alert 3 rating of about 30 cases in the month of July-- the fifth highest in the country. California had the highest number of reports at 104 cases in July, followed by other states with an Alert 2 or 3 rating such as Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Washington.