Thursday, 12 September 2013

Topic UFO: Dahlia - Follow The River, Lost In The Mountains of Mexico

Published on 31 Aug 2013 by Topic UFO
Experiencer and author Dahlia joins Rick to discuss her fascinating true story about five people - one woman and four men - on a three-day trek going into the mountains of Mexico that became an eight day journey of survival. With the help of spiritually enlightened beings, their journey took them to a multi-dimensional plane of existence with forces beyond their perception.

Dahlia, is a Metaphysical Minister/ Holistic Practitioner. She holds a Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science, from the University Of Metaphysics, Sedona Arizona. She is a registered Hypnotherapist. She is available for public speaking on the Metaphysical arts. Her interest are in nature, the cosmos, spirituality and people understanding, how to keep their bodies healthy.