Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Simon Pegg Feels Responsible For Chinese Farmer's Alien Stunt

By Daily Star
SIMON PEGG has reached out to a Chinese farmer who has been jailed for masterminding an alien hoax based on the funnyman's hit movie PAUL.
 Simon Pegg in Star Trek (Credit Google Images)
Li Kai has reportedly been ordered to spend five days behind bars for staging an elaborate stunt in which he claimed to have found a dead extraterrestrial and stored it in his freezer.
The pictures emerged on social networking websites and Li claimed the hoax was inspired by 2011 alien comedy Paul, which starred Pegg and Nick Frost as a pair of sci-fi geeks who stumble across a real life alien.
The Sun newspaper reports Li has been forced to spend five days in jail for "fabricating lies and destructing normal social order", and Pegg was devastated to hear he has been punished so harshly for the stunt.
In a post on Twitter.com, Pegg writes, "Can't help feeling responsible. Hope he's okay and his five days go fast. Much love from me and (Nick Frost)."