Friday, 12 April 2013

Robbie Williams Records UFO Song With Bublé

Swing singer says Rob wrote the track when looking for spaceships...

Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé have recorded a song together.
However, the former Take That star and Canadian swing singer have not teamed up for a gushy ballad - with the pair actually using Williams' obsession with UFOs as inspiration.
Speaking of their collaboration, Bublé told The Sun: "I don’t think there’s anyone in my life, at this point, who I could relate to the way I could with Robbie.
“We’re around the same age, we’ve gone through a lot of the same things. He’s just become a dad, I’m just about to. We both have problems, we both probably go too far with things we do. He just talks about it more than I do.”
As for their song, the Home singer added: "It’s catchy and fun, neo-swing. One of the lyrics is ‘Soda pop, Yoda what?’ Robbie wrote it when looking at UFOs.”
Meanwhile, Robbie has denied claims suggesting he's worked with Adele on a swing duet.
The Candy hitmaker told RTÉ Ten that he is "too terrified" to sing with the 24-year old, explaining: "She and my wife, Ayda, are really good friends and I'm really good friends with Simon [Konecki], her boyfriend.
"We're good pals, but I wouldn't ask Adele to sing on my record. The whole world wants Adele to sing on their record. I think we'll just leave it as a nice friendship, so that story about a duet is totally made up."