Monday, 8 April 2013

Gary Heseltine to launch UFO Truth Magazine this summer


Gary Heseltine is well known in the field of UFO research. Having worked as a detective in the British Transport Police for over 20 years, he is marking his retirement from the police by launching a new UFO magazine available soon. "UFO Truth Magazine" will be a bi-monthly online publication with 84 pages of UFO related material. He even managed to get me to agree to write for it and that is an achievement, me being "illiterate". A few years back Gary was given a written warning by the Police pertaining to his personal UFO research! We also discuss (again) the strange behaviour of government agent Nick Pope. Gary is also trying to get his film script of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident made into a blockbuster film. If anyone has £10 million please get in touch with him. If the film goes ahead I would like to play the part of the light house operator.