Tuesday, 20 August 2013

UFO Chased by Jet Over California? (Video)


An amazing video on YouTube shows a military jet chasing a fast moving UFO in the skies over Southern California before the unidentified flying object makes an impossible turn and flies away at tremendously high speed. What is it?
At first, the witness was only trying to catch a glimpse of a jet barreling overhead at high speed, climbing straight into the sky. That's not a usual sight over populated areas of California. The jet can clearly be heard by its very loud engine thrusts.
It wasn't until after the unidentified witness reviewed the video that she noticed the UFO the jet seemed to be chasing, but to no avail.

The object climbs higher and then suddenly turns and zooms out of viewfinder range as the jet helplessly tails the object. There's no hope of catching it as the object flies in a manner never seen before. Obviously, the military jet is trying to chase this object down.

Mac: Uploaded to Youtube on 30 Jul 2013