Friday, 12 July 2013

New Crop Circle Discovered In Italy

Crop circle Robella Asti
Published on 4 Jul 2013 By Aereovisione
Riprese aeree del cerchio nel grano a Robella d'Asti ( Località : Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti ). apparso nel luglio 2013 , il team Aereovisione sorvola il campodi grano  con i droni e realizza il video del crop circle dall'alto , crop circle asti , crop circle Robella. buona visione in Full HD 1080p.
Aerial photography of crop circle to Robella d'Asti (location: Grey Horse, Robella, Asti). appeared in July 2013, the team typically reserves over the grain Aereovisione with drones and produces the video crop circle from the top, crop circle, crop circle Robella. enjoy in Full HD 1080 p.

Crop Circle Robella Asti July 2013
Published on 5 Jul 2013 By Diana Dentinger
Curiosity and openness help you meet wonderful people. Here I am chatting with the owners of the field where the latest crop circle appeared. For you, a piece of our talk... in English and Italian.