Saturday, 29 June 2013

UFO Movie News Round Up

By Robbie Graham

Aliens vs. robots short 'R'Ha' headed for Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter has it that afeature-length expansion of the recent sci-fi short R’Ha is being developed by producers Rick McCallum (the Star Wars prequels) and Steve Tzirlin (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). The screenplay will be provided by Life on Mars creator Matthew Graham.
The feature film will follow an alien species, the R'Ha, and their quest to defend their race from an invading force. In its original six-minute form (below), R'Hacalls to mind Ancient Astronaut theory – its alien protagonist bearing more than a passing resemblance to depictions of the Egyptian sun god, Ra. The short film took its 22-year-old director Kaleb Lechowski seven months to create. Lechowski will also direct the feature adaptation.