Monday, 11 March 2013

White Cigar Shaped UFO Follows The NASA Space Station, Allegedly Caught On Live Cam. (Video)

Mac: Since posting yesterday this footage has been proven to be fake.  Please see bottom of post:
Published on 9 Mar 2013 UFOvni2012
A video of a large cylindrical UFO supposedly caught by the International Space Station (ISS) has been getting a lot of attention online. It is a very convincing video; however, it appears to be yet another UFO hoax.
The video, posted to YouTube on March 9, is titled, Amazing GIANT UFO Near The International Space Station, March 2013 HD. It is alleged to have been videotaped from NASA’s live ISS video stream, and shows a large cylindrical object in the distance, near the earth, moving slightly slower than earth’s rotation. At first glance, it is exciting. However, as pointed out by user WillEase666, if you go look at the original video on the ISS Live Feed, the UFO is not there.
WillEase666 writes:
I hate having to debunk my own thread, but I hate people who make fake NASA UFO videos even more!
… the video is from Thursday, March 7 at 10:11am.
If you stop the original video at exactly at 01:20:34 and you will see the “ufo” simply is not there…nice try though.
He also posted this picture with a screenshot from the original ISS video feed and the alleged UFO one.
ISS UFO Video Hoax
Screen capture of the actual NASA video on top, and the modified “UFO” video on the bottom. Click image to enlarge. (credit: WillEase666)