Friday, 1 March 2013

UFO News Links For Friday 1st March 2013

Amazing UFO Stories AND Strange UFO Videos: Could Orbs Represent A Time Distortion?

Did UFO ‘hit’ Russian meteorite blasting it to smithereens? – Daily Mail

The Temuka UFO Chase
Phantoms and Monsters: Paranormal Activity, Bigfoot, Mothman, UFOs and Other Unexplained Phenomena

UFO opens its doors to visitors on Saturday – This is Cornwall

Myths in the Sky: The Mysterious Mythos of our Moon | Mysterious Universe

‘UFO sighting’ sparks Internet storm – Eastwood Advertiser

UFOs - scientific research: The Neanderthal shot by the spaceman!

Explanations arise for Yorkville UFO sighting – Aurora Beacon News

The Haunted Skies Project: Haunted Skies end of February 2013

DNA ‘ingredients’ discovered in interstellar space – Science Recorder

Mysterious loud boom heard & felt all over Tucson - Tucson News Now

New book chronicles UFO, yeti sightings around Mt. Shasta – Mount Shasta Herald

Are there UFOs in hidden hangars at Papoose Dry Lake?

UFO sighted near Keighley – Keighley News

The Big Study: WANAQUE 1966, part one: microcosm of UFOlogy

Sight of crash-landed UFO greets Buckhurst Hill schoolchildren – East London and West Essex Guardian Series

Graham Hancock Working on 'Fingerprints of the Gods Part 2' | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History

Dead stars may play host to living worlds – NBC News

Could abnormal skull be from an alien? – Houma Courier