Monday, 11 February 2013

UFO Sightings in Melbourne: Three Bright Odd Objects, One Flies Low-level at 'Ultraspeed' [VIDEO]

UFO sightings is not uncommon in Australia. Over the weekend, another UFO Australia video made it to YouTube, this time, three bright objects were filmed in triangular formation at daytime in Melbourne. The clip gets interesting by the time one of the UFOs moved at ultraspeed as it zipped across the horizon.

The video starts with an image of three bright orbs in the sky. The bright objects initially look like a constellation until each light started making subtle-to-obvious movements.

"This UFO sighting was filmed during daytime in Melbourne, Australia. Notice at 1:52, you can see one takes off at super speed low-level," reads the video description. The video was uploaded by FindingUFO.
At 1:52 into the video, one of the strange flying objects made an erratic and fast motion, unexpected of any conventional aircraft.
User freygy posted an interesting comment (unedited): "what day? feb 9th? saw the same thing in Cincinnati 10 pm. but these 3 were followed by at least 11 more. the first 3 flew in then disappeared, followed by others that came in in groups of two, that disappeared in the same unnatural way. im in no way a ufo fanatic, i have pictures of 2 of them if anyones interested. dont know how to post them on here."
Another user, AlienPeace1, commented: "beautiful orb triangle. that's them."
Scroll down to watch the video and see for yourself. What could these strange flying objects be?