Thursday, 14 February 2013

UFO Activity at Popocatepeti Volcano Reported in Mexican Media

Is there a UFO base under the Popocatepetl volcano south of Mexico City? And if not, what are the white lights that keep entering and exiting the lip of the giant crater?
Last week, a Mexican news station showed footage which is going to blow your mind. You can clearly see more than one glowing white orb traveling at a high rate of speed into the volcano.
What is your opinion? Is this footage simply clever computer-generated trickery? Or, on the other hand, could these anomalous objects indeed be spaceships, and they are covertly using the mountain to conceal an alien base? This isn't the first time people have noticed interesting happenings around the mysterious Popocatepetl crater.
It seems like Mexico has gone UFO-crazy lately. Every week there is another sighting in the skies of that country. But, you have to give credit to their media, because they are not afraid of covering paranormal activity. If more journalists in the United States were covering UFO encounters, perhaps the American public would get more answers.