Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Robbie Williams: I'm going to live in the UK and start looking for UFOs again

By Now Daily
Robbie Williams doesn't want his daughter to have an American accent

Robbie Williams married Ayda Field in 2010

Now dad to daughter Theodora 'Teddy' Rose, Robbie Williams wants to ensure she gets a good up-bringing.
The star has announced that he doesn't plan to go on the road to promote new record Candy - instead he'll stay home and search for evidence of alien life.
'If Candy's not a hit, I am not touring,' says Robbie, 38.
'I'm gonna stay in and look for UFOs. And I'm gonna get all beardy and all fat again.'
Former Take That singer Robbie plans to do his lazing around in the UK and doesn't want daughter Teddy to grow up in America - even though wife Ayda Field hails from the USA.
'I want her to have a British passport,' Robbie told Radio 1's Greg James.
'I don't want my kid to have an American accent.'