Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ufo News Links For Sunday 19th August 2012

UFO sighting in Mablethorpe? – Louth Leader

A Different Perspective: MJ-12: Beating the Dead Horse

Professor Weird Pilot Debuts on the Science Channel! – Huffington Post

UFOs - scientific research: "Communion" - Whitley Strieber's original book

Aliens Among Us! – Riverfront Times

BBC News - Today - Air traffic control says UFOs in UK 'around one a month'

Does new NASA video show UFO on Mars? – WKMG Orlando

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: UFO Photographed Above Colorado Fire Fighting Plane

It still doesn’t add up – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

King’s Lynn pupils hunt for UFOs in Norfolk - Latest News - Lynn News

Paranormal Files of the Navajo Rangers – Huffington Post

A new television show exploring UFOs is weird |

Extra terrestrial life: where to look for it? – Nature

The UFO Trail: Scientific Data on Hessdalen Lights Presented to European Geosciences Union

Are You a Martian? The Intrigue, Mystery and Allure of the Red Planet – Huffington Post

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Spain: A UFO Case from 1935

It’s up to one pregnant teen to stop an alien attack in space – io9

UFOs - scientific research: UK intelligence agencies and their interest in UFO researchers

National Geographic Channel Beams WOW! Reply Into Space! – Monsters and Critics

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Mass Cattle Mutilations in Formosa

Close encounters: Manchester’s UFO X-Files revealed by Ministry of Defence – Manchester Evening News

Robert Barrow: UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry

Antarctic UFO Attracts Conspiracy Theories And Balloon Talk – Huffington Post

UFO over Tucson Caught on Video

UFO and Extraterrestrial Activity in Missouri – Riverfront Times

The Haunted Skies Project: Report into West Midlands Police Officer’s UFO sighting 02.25 5.8.2012 (Comprehensive)

Some Key Signs that You Might Have Misunderstood an Alien’s Intentions – io9

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Orb Craft UFO Hovers Over House, Responds To Viewers Light Flash!

Pranks with planks, weather or UFOs: Crop circles in fields still a mystery – Metro

Silver Screen Saucers: Hollywood's 'Mars curse' explained