Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bizarre, Trapezoidal UFO Snapped Near Brooklyn Moon (Photo)

A bizarre UFO photo was snapped, seemingly unaware, by a photographer in Brooklyn who may not have noticed the strangely shaped thing until looking at the picture later.

The unidentified flying object is trapezoidal and seems to have two glowing lights at its center. What is it?

The photo, added here and posted by YouTuber jemayliproducyion, was made into an enhanced video steadily enlarging the image until the full parameters of the strange object are revealed.

What at first looks like a tiny lens flare off to the side of a hauntingly beautiful snapshot of the moon over Brooklyn, emerging from a spooky cloud, is revealed to be what seems to be a kite shape with some kind of headlights emerging from its center.
The UFO, as labeled by the photographer, seems to be shrouded in the edges of cloud, as if it's trying to cloak itself with wispy vapor. Or, it could be the reflection off a street light or passing aircraft.

Either way, it's one of the most beautiful and memorable accidental sightings ever posted to YouTube. Here's the video: