Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Twin UFOs Filmed from Plane over Atlanta (Video)

A pair of white, wingless UFOs, seemingly flying in tandem formation, zoomed past an airplane over Atlanta on Monday and were caught on tape.

The unidentified flying objects were filmed by passenger Mike Smith as he caught the view out his window moving past the downtown area. As he catches the panoramic view, two streaking objects, flying side by side, zoom past and quickly out of view.

The objects behave like a pair of military jets flying in formation, but, although they are moving quickly, an enlargement of the image seems to show they don't look like any known aircraft.

The UFOs are completely white, look circular and elongated, show no markings or engine exhaust and don't appear to have wings.

The objects are flying at what looks to be over 30,000 feet, which is far too high for any birds. They are not balloons or helicopters and don't look like military jets. So what are they? Here's the video: