Friday, 1 June 2012

UFOs Reported to Michigan Coast Guard Station

A night-time UFO sighting left residents of Muskegon Lake in Michigan so perplexed, they contacted local media, who then called in the United States Coast Guard.

Mysterious sightings like this one seem to be occurring with more frequency lately. For some reason, people around the world are now paying closer attention to phenomena in the skies above.

Unfortunately, there is no video of Saturday's encounter, so you can only rely on witnesses' accounts and a couple of still photos. The snaps are pretty decent quality, and you can clearly make out two stationary orange lights hovering above the lake.

It's odd the Coast Guard couldn't provide an explanation for the glowing lights. There is probably a rational explanation for the "UFOs."
Petty Officer Ronnie Mason said the lights could have been reflections off of boats, but admitted he was "stumped." Is the government hiding anything?
Several witnesses claimed the "UFOs" were totally soundless, and hovered for a while before zooming off at lightning speed.