Tuesday, 22 May 2012


By Stan Hernandez

According to reports, the UFO sightings have skyrocketed in North Island, New Zealand, but this is not the only location that is seeing an increase in activity. Australia is also reporting it. According to Suzanne Hansen, the director of Ufocus, “an object had land and it was definitely not an aircraft,” a quote that she got from a “reliable source.”
In two weeks, over thirty reports have been submitted in North Island, which is beyond any normalcy. The night skies are full of unusual crafts, which have included reports of saucers, cigar-shaped, and triangular in shape. Strange lights and even daytime sightings have gotten the public in frenzy, but the cover story is already coming into play.
The term “mistaken identity” is being thrown around, and that may apply to 70% of the people that aren’t familiar with military crafts and the different natural occurrences that can create some strange stuff, but the 30% that have some knowledge cannot be dismissed.
I spoke to Cameron Dale of North Island, New Zealand, about his UFO sighting. Dale stated that: “I saw a silver saucer. It remained silent and hovered over us for three minutes before disappearing. I know a thing or two about military crafts and I can say with certainty that this was not one. This was something else. This was seen by myself and about eight others that I know of. I would say that it was the same size as a B-1 Bomber.”
Why this is happening is still unknown, but there are plenty of UFO sightings being reported worldwide. As I have said before, these crafts are always here, flying at a frequency that we cannot see. Every so often they will change frequencies that the human eye can see and we get a glimpse. Why they are doing that now is still being investigated. I am currently investigating several key cases in both New Zealand and Australia. I will return with reports.