Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kim Kardashian Spots a 'Real' UFO (House)

By Tom Rose

Kim Kardashian posted a pic on Instagram, claiming to have spotted a real UFO. That in itself is enough to ping alerts all over the world. But as it turns out, this is one object which has been thoroughly identified. And it doesn't fly at all.

The photo she snapped and posted to her own blog is of a pre-fab home dotting many areas of the country called a "Futuro" house which is shaped like the classic unidentified flying object out of science fiction and some fevered brains.

It's not clear from Kim's comments exactly where this version of the whimsical home is, but it's safe to assume it's nearly sliding off one of LA's celebrated hilltops.

The "UFO" in this picture shows just how practical an idea a saucer-shaped house really is to a celebrity  like Kim Kardashian. Just think; any time she wants to get away from fans and paparazzi she can just roll up the ramp and take off.

It doesn't look like it has the kind of luxury KK is accustomed to however. After all, where's the pool? It's nice to see Kim still has a good sense of humor. Hopefully, she won't be abducted any time too soon. But, hey! Wouldn't that make a great story?