Tuesday, 3 April 2012

UFO News Links For Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Quest 4 Truth Conference – San Francisco Chronicle

The Good Guys Dress in Black, Remember That: How Movies and Music Rewrote MIB Lore

Lights in night sky puzzle Burbank man – Mid Columbia Tri City Herald

Were space invaders drawn to the Strip in March? – Las Vegas Sun

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: The Mexico City Christmas 2011 Miracle `UFO' Video

SETI needs citizen scientists to search for life signs – Newsday

The Letters from Aboard a Flying Saucer

What was that light in the sky over the Front Range? – 9NEWS Colorado

Kevin Randle’s Roswell Obsession

UFO’s Cause Chinese Airport to Close… Again – Weird Asia News

 UFO Discovered on Google Sky (Video)

To infinity and beyond – China Daily

Long Islanders Witness Strange Lights in the Sky

If We Discover Aliens, What’s Our Protocol for Making Contact? – Live Science

Flying Saucer In Ancient Orient - An Enigma of Winged Sun Disk

How Deep Must Life Hide to be Safe on Europa? – Astrobiology Magazine

The Diaz Contact claims

Scots computer hacker Gary McKinnon won’t be suicide risk if extradited to US, says medical expert – Scottish Daily Record

The Real Mars Photographs - What They Didn't Show You

Close Encounters at Crop Circles – DBKP

Misinformation, Disinformation, UFOs and the Primal indicator

UFOs over Czech skies do battle with sceptics – Radio Prague

Humanoid Gray/Nordic Time and Dimensions