Tuesday, 27 March 2012

UK politician claims his extraterrestrial mother took him on a UFO (Video)

| Mar 26, 2012

Councillor Simon Parkes (Credit: YouTube)

A councillor from Yorkshire, England claims his “real” mother is an extraterrestrial.

Simon Parkes, who was elected to Whitby Town Council in February as a Labour Party candidate, says he met a nine-foot-tall green extraterrestrial when he was only six months old who claimed to be his “real” mother. He alleges he has had more than one hundred extraterrestrial visitations during his lifetime. According to the Yorkshire Post, Parkes has been the “subject of ‘horrific’ alien operations, and had an implant put into his hand by the creatures.”
Parkes also claims that, at age 11, his extraterrestrial mother took him aboard a UFO.
His extraterrestrial beliefs were reportedly not an issue that was raised during Parkes’ campaign. According to the Northern Echo, Parkes stated, “It’s a personal matter and it doesn’t affect my work.”