Friday, 9 November 2012

UFO News Links For Friday 9th November 2012

100 UFOs On India-China Border Cause Official Concern – Huffington Post

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: `UFO' Sightings And Obama `Disclosure'

Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver – Fox 31 KDVR

About UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

A Different Perspective: Samalayuca UFO Crash?

UFO Spotted Over Arlington, Definitely NOT Just a Small Plane With Sunlight Hitting The Wings – D Magazine

Ufology Research: Canadian Ufology in 1987

 The Pyramids, the Pentagon, and Final Events

Which Space Mission Has the Best Chance of Finding Extraterrestrial Life? –

Silver Screen Saucers: Ben Affleck: "Hollywood is full of CIA agents"

Question of Martian Methane Is Still Up in the Air – Science Now

Deron Williams Saw a UFO in the Sky During Hurricane Sandy - Compl...

What will happen if even UFOs now prefer to look east? – Economic Times

Klass Warfare: Skeptics Debunking Natural Phenomena?

‘Super-earth’ is nearest planet ever found which could support alien life – Yahoo! News UK

Hangar 18 and Predictive Weirdness.

Do Gigantic Alien Solar Power Stations Exist? Scientists Look For Them! – The Green Optimistic

UK prosecutors, cops ponder new probe into NASA hacker McKinnon – The Register

The World's Weirdest Places by Nick Redfern book review

UFOs: Has Modern Technology Killed Off All Hope Of Proving The Existence Of Alien Life? – Huffington Post UK

Mystery in the Sky: UFO Spotting? -