Tuesday, 9 October 2012

UFO News Links For Tuesday 9th October 2012

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Alleged UFO over Saltos del Moconá

The Alien Origins Of Felix Baumgartner’s Attempt To Skydive From 23 Miles Up – Popular Science

A Different Perspective: Presidents, Bill Clinton and Roswell

UFOs over District of Columbia

Re-Airing of the ‘Professor Weird’ Pilot & A Challenge Regarding UFO ‘Kooks’ – Huffington Post

Is this a spaceship? UFO captured on camera in Halifax – Halifax Evening Courier

Betty Hill's Recollection of Alien Symbols

Time for the debate – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Two UFOs Surprises Friends in Feasterville, Pennsylvania - Gather....

Ben Bova: ‘Ufology’ – Naples Daily News

The Haunted Skies Project: Sun (The) 12.11.69

Breaking News - Discovery Channel's "Curiosity" Series Goes Inside the Bermuda Triangle in Search of Answers to This Ancient Mystery | TheFutonCritic.com

The Deleted Scenes Of Prometheus Actually Explain A Whole Bunch Of Important Stuff – Gizmodo Australia

Shrewsbury man goes on American UFO Conspiracy Road Trip - shropsh...

Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.: Re-Airing of the "Professor Weird" Pilot & A Challenge Regarding UFO "Kooks"

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Prepares to Study Martian Soil – Space Daily

Google Secrets: Extra Terrestrial Beacons, And 23 Other Places Google Doesn't Want You To See

The Tenerife pyramids

Experiments, Conspiracies and Invisibility | Mysterious Universe