Saturday, 27 October 2012

UFO News Links For Saturday 27th October 2012

Festival on the trail of UFOs, crowds in Presidio - Houston Chronicle

Ojibwa tale of a ‘Skyman’ visitor may have been alien – Orangeville Banner

5,000-year-old Ancient Language on Verge of Being Decoded | Trending Now - Yahoo! News

Aliens could mean philosophical implications – The Reflector

UFO Resembling 'Fluorescent Bulbs' Spotted in Kentucky - The Epoch...

Why It’s Right To Keep Gary McKinnon Out Of US Hands – Express

Texas Witness Says V-Shaped Object Hovered Over Tree Line

Curious About Life: Interview with Felipe Gomez – Space Daily

Cigar-Shaped UFOs Appear Over Southern US.

Kansas City Witness May Have Explanation For Some Cigar-Shaped UFOs

What was that mysterious object in the sky over Millstadt? – Belleville News Democrat

Paradigm Symposium: The Million-Year Event | Intrepid Blog

Museum hosts things that go bump in the night – Daytona Beach News-Journal

NASA is Photoshopping Mars photos... Why?

I (Think) I Saw a UFO – Artvoice

hidden experience: sychronicity and the UFO abductee

Man snaps pics of UFO near Hecker, IL – WTVR

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: `White Tube' UFO Seen Again In Kentucky?

Search for alien life about to step up a gear – Windsor Star

UFO: Aliens visit International Space Station alleges Analyst : The Canadian National Newspaper

Aliens amoung us? Curious. – Hazard Herald

Scariest Shadow People Encounters

Alien hunting: how to find DNA on Mars – New Scientist

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: The October 8th Keene, Kentucky UFO Pictures - MUFON Report

Emerald’s mystery UFO solved: Chinese lanterns to blame – Central Queensland news

Grave of ancient king who laid foundations for Mayan civilisation in 700 B.C. discovered by archaeologists | Mail Online

Meteorite Nazi Buddha Exposed As Likely Fake