Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Multiple UFO Sightings over Achalm Castle (Video)

A UFO hovering over the Achalm castle in Germany was spotted, and recorded on video, by three different people on Saturday. A compilation video was posted on YouTube, Monday, and the results are incredible.
The videos all show an unusual, unidentified flying object floating over the ancient castle near the town of Reutlingen. The object looks immense and is spinning like a gyroscope laid on its side.

The amazing aspect of this video is the three separate witnesses who spotted it and posted their videos of the event. All three were collected and posted side-by-side by the HaunebuTechnology channel on YouTube.
The first video is the best. Taken with a high-quality camera, it shows the most definition. The other two are of lesser quality, but the fact that the UFO sighting was covered from three different angles simultaneously lends support against the idea that this event was staged or hoaxed. Here's the video: